A photographic project based on the fusion of the body with nature and its representation in a positive way. The basic Idea is to highlight the pure beauty that every human body carries and the positive vision that it is capable of expressing itself.

The shooting has been realized following an open call for people living with HIV. The call was answered by dozens of people from all over Portugal, who spontaneously offered to be interviewed and to pose naked in a natural location that would help them to represent what they intended to tell with their bodies.

When observing the images, the observer will only be aware of the seropositivity of the people portrayed towards the end of the trip.

Subvert the pre-conceived point of view and allow to break the stigma that in an underlying way was created about people with HIV through the Media, photography and cinema. At the same time that the carriers will have another image of themeselves and in a self-awarness of theyr body, they feel encouraged to deal with the condition of being HIV positive without the stigma built by society.

Photography allows you to be a vehicle to start a journey and wake uo to the positive condition of the body in its purest state, stripped of clothes and prejudice.