ON WORK A photographic project based on the fusion of the body with nature and its representation in a positive way. The basic Idea is to highlight the pure beauty that every human body carries and the positive vision that it is capable of expressing itself. The shooting has been realized following an open call […]

Feminine Plural

Getting to know each other through self-knowledge is a good couple’s exercise. So it happens that a single photographic session suddenly becomes common, the experience of a dance of bodies arises in a natural and spontaneous way, in which everyone does her part, although there was no script.

Exstase of San Sebastian

In the 1948 autobiographical novel, Confessions of a mask, Yukio Mishima describes his first masturbation, which occurred following the strong attraction towards a painting, found in a book by his father: Guido Reni’s San Sebastiano. The martyr’s body, young and attractive, has been identified over time as a queer icon, a stumbling block against the […]

About a strangled neck

I found in her an overwhelming femininity, that of a voluptuous and delicate body, which turns out to be exciting even when she doesn’t want it; that same femininity that seemed to block her breath like two hands around her neck. I have seen a fragile and vulnerable femininity, surrendered to emotions but without any […]


In ancient Greece the female body, considered as  the bearer of darkness and impurity, was placed in opposition to the male body, worthy of respect as with the meaning of a “political body”. Women were therefore relegated to a hidden part of the house, exclusively reserved for them and the children. The number of women […]


A journey into pandemic emotions. Fears, desires, presences and absences are at the center of this six-handed study, born from reflections and improvisation in a Lisbon interior. The subject of this collective research is the impact of the pandemic on affects and the body. Body and affects are seen here as concepts and emotions deeply […]