A tribute to the beautiful, healthy bodies of HIV-positive people

The photographic project develops in the fusion of the body with nature and its representation in a positive way.
The subject is photographed naked', in part or in full, where the body relates to the surrounding environment.

The main objective of this project is to subvert the painful stigma that HIV positive people carry, often more painful than the virus itself and the treatment. The basic idea is to highlight the pure beauty that every human body carries and the positive vision it is capable of expressing itself in people who are diagnosed with a disease associated with sexuality and therefore dirtiness.

I tried to subvert the preconceived point of view and allow to break the stigma that in an underlying way people with HIV have been created by the media, photography and cinema over the years and, at the same time, raise awareness about a disease that needs to be accepted as common and not linked to a cluster of people who have sexual behaviors through, controversial lifestyle, but who are part of our society like anyone else. In the meantime, sharing and awareness are important to encourage people to test themselves; Because a person who has a disease and doesn't know it is a danger to himself and others.When scrolling through the images, the viewer is not aware of the seropositivity of the people portrayed, while the dignity, pride and power of these people strongly appear in the photos, in addition to who they are, they do so there in nature.
At the same time, carriers will have a different image of themselves and a self-awareness of their body, feeling encouraged to deal with the HIV-positive condition without the stigma built by society.

Photography allows us to be a vehicle for starting a journey and awakening to the positive condition of the body in its purest state, stripped of clothes or prejudice.